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Fuel Line, Nylon Submersible 3/8"

Fuel Line, Nylon Submersible 3/8"
This nylon submersible fuel line is great for use to plumb your own in tank Walbro pickup systems. Installed with a heat gun, the line slips over 5/16" barb connections for a tight seal. It is also able to be used in our 3/8" quick connect unions for the easiest in tank plumbing solution. This solid nylon line provides years of trouble free service unlike previous laminated submersible soft lines.
Sold EACH in the following lengths:
1.25" is the minimum length to make the connection between a Walbro pickup and our 3/8" quick connect unions.  Used when a tight fit with minimal flex is desired.
2" length is used when slight flex at the end of the hard line is desired such as in an irregular shaped fuel cell.  Baffling is highly recommended to keep the pickup firmly planted.
1' length is used when a different length is desired. 
Compatible with all fuels.
Weight 0.04 lbs
Our price: $0.75
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